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July 27th, 2004

11:10 pm - Pictures for Otakon 2004
Submit (and look at, once they're approved) pictures here. Same format as the one from last year. Feel free to spread this link to other MT people (both those who are going and those who are not). Pictures will not start appearing there until Monday when I get back and start approving them.

(Crossposted to my journal and to Mtforumites community)

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July 26th, 2004

01:50 am - Announcement
In accordance with a decision made last year, a date has been set on which all forumites attending Otakon who own a baka^2 t-shirt will be required (read: requested; we can't do much as far as enforcement) to wear it.

Thus, let it be posted that August 1st is baka^2 Sunday. Share and enjoy.

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July 19th, 2004

11:00 pm - Otakon checklist and questions
Alright, 'tis getting very close to the con, and while I'm sure most everyone has most their stuff figured out by now, here's a generic checklist just in case. Not all items will apply to everyone, but you never know what really obvious thing might've slipped your mind.

Things to do to prepare for the con:

- registration (think about... if already pre-regged: when are you going to pick your badge up? if not: when do you plan on lining up Friday morning to register/how much time are you giving yourself?)
- travel arrangements/schedules
- hotel/other place to stay
- rides to/from airport (or wherever) and hotel
- make sure you know what's going on with your group
- make sure everyone else in your group/room knows what's going on with your group
- get people's cellphone numbers
- give people your cellphone number
- make sure you have enough money for necessities (and if you're a little short, don't be afraid to ask, I'm sure I'm not the only one willing to loan/donate a bit...)
- have a little extra money beyond that, just in case
- bring some food or snacks if you can
- bring something to drink (or a water bottle to fill up)
- have comfortable shoes to wear

Also, I have a couple questions to throw out to everyone. First, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for good group meeting places/times at the con? Second, is anyone else interested in taking a couple hours to go see DC (sometime on Friday or Saturdaym, depending on con schedule)?

(and thanks to Kitchan for suggesting some of the items on the checklist)

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July 13th, 2004

12:57 am - A proposal....
I suggest that, since Fred won't be coming to Otakon, we all e-mail him/petition on the forums that he send Dom in his place.

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June 11th, 2004

10:02 pm - Room Roll Call
Okay, this is really quite simple. If you're the person in charge of organizing your group's room(s) for Otakon, please post a comment listing everyone in your room already, any openings you have (if any), and which hotel you're in.

The point of this is simpyl just a roll call. Since some people have been cancelling or joining or generally changing plans, it's been difficult to keep track of who all is still going.

I say to list what hotel you're in purely for reference's sake, so that we all know where to go look for each other. Also, it can assist in arranging rides for those people arriving by plane who'll need a way to even get to their respective hotels.

So please reply as quickly as you can, and point this out to anyone you think needs to post their room/hotel info.
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May 3rd, 2004

10:28 am - Well well...
By now I'm sure everyone has seen Fred's latest rant. I think that since so many people have already sent in registrations and gone through the trouble of getting hotel rooms, not to mention plane tickets, the Otakon meeting is still on. We just won't have MT-related stuff to distract us.

The MT group cosplay some people were trying to get together we can still do, we could just take a lot of pictures and send 'em to Fred.

Finally, I'm still going to ACen, which is actually coming up pretty fast now. If anyone had any questions they would've desperately wanted to ask Fred, or anything like that, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Especially now, ACen for me will be mostly going to the MT-related stuff. And maybe Nabeshin will be doing a panel or two there, too.

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April 22nd, 2004

08:41 am
Okay, people of Megawinter Cosplay!

Sorry I haven't said/done anything on it in awhile. I'm just going to ask everyone if they can be "present" at a meeting tonight online, 11:00pm central, in AIM Chat room entitled "Megawinter Nights". (You stay up that late to check the comic anyway, right?) Bring/invite anyone who may want to participate. Anyone who is thinking of participating may as well. We're going to get the final casting call dealt with tonight, and try to see who's doing what costume as far as the sewing aspect goes.

All in all, it should be a good night.

Hope to see you there!

[crossposted to megawinternight and sangochan

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01:11 am - Mass cosplay?
Okay, there've been numerous suggestions floating around, the question is, are we actually gonna do anything?

The idea I've heard most about was wearing towels to the MT panel. And then claim we're cosplaying the bathhouse scene Fred never drew.

I was also thinking, if I have extra time, of making headbands for people with some random Japanese slogan and a pic of the wearer's favorite MT character.

Oh, and methinks we should have a fanboy horde summoning. Have everyone milling about in an open area, then one person find soem sort of high point to stand up on and summon on the horde (i.e. shout something like "I summon the fanboy horde!" at the top of their lungs), at which point everyone starts running to converge at some point decided earlier. Like, charging to the panel, or something. Just to be silly.

But otherwise... I already have at least two cosplay of my own planned, possibly three. Dunno what other people are planning, but methinks if we want to do a group thing we should work it out to give people enough time to get it ready...

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March 23rd, 2004

03:13 pm - Otakon Hotels
I'm a little curious what the current hotel booking situation is for the MT populous. Who has bookings, who has room for more, who is still looking. Cramming more people into less rooms means a monatary savings for all involved, and when we're talking 160$+/night for a room, less is more.

I have a room held at the Hampton with floorspace for rent.
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12:17 pm - Otakon... lunch?
Just a quick questin: does everyone want to meet up, from MT, and like, lunch otgether or something? LIke, one massive crowd of scariness--- err, I mean, comradery and friendship/at least we know each other?

Your thoughts.

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